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  • Lotan Diker

Movie Review: The Persuasion, Directed by: Kari Krankel, 2022

Jane Austen is one of the greatest writers of recent generations, her books have been adapted into dozens if not hundreds of movies. The effect is a comedy drama adaptation, which should be romantic and light in equal measure.

The adaptation follows Ann Elliott (played by Dakota Johnson), a smart woman in a company that is unaware and condescending to her surroundings. Following a false love that broke up due to class differences, she suffers from heartbreak but don't worry she is going to recover. A British naval officer shakes her tender heart, and she begins to court him even though he is not really interested in her.

The problem with the film is that the dialogues are pompous and showy and fail to touch. It's an alienated love story, with actors who don't really connect with their characters even though the original book is quite charming. There is really no chemistry between the actors, and it is probably difficult even for professionals to fake an attraction between people because the chemistry just doesn't work.

The multitude of characters and plots also burdens the film, which goes in too many directions that are not interesting. The jokes don't really manage to raise a smile either, in other words the film shoots in many directions and doesn't really hit any of them. The characters are too self-aware, which makes them dumb but not in a funny or cute way.

The production and the cast also look cheap and suffering and the ending will not thrill your heart just the opposite. There are better movies on Netflix.


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