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Series Review: Reservation dogs, 2022

The natives of the United States have come a long way on the television screen. In the past they have been portrayed as iconic red one-dimensional figures whose whole purpose is to haunt and try to eliminate cowboys. America has understood the injustice done to them and now they are getting a more tolerant and profound representation.

Native American reserves are often an economic and social failure, they are spread over relatively small areas and the highlight they offer is usually a casino. Many of the young people are looking for themselves in places, others where there is a city with more livelihood and study options. Most young people have gone through an integration process with American society and are not really connected to their roots.

The Reservations Dogs showcases a bunch of local teens, who engage in petty thefts to save enough money to move to California. They want to be successful in the urban space, make money and be like all the boys their age. In the meantime, they encounter a difficult reality within the reserve.

The series tries to present the fantasy of the boys and on the other hand its almost impossible realization. The colorful characters that live within it, from a couple of rap-loving Indians to the local cop who is considered the urban fool. All this human mosaic connects to a heartbreaking mosaic, of a minority that has suffered greatly over the years and continues to suffer from deprivation and lack of budgets.


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