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  • Lotan Diker

Movie review: Till Death Do Us Part, 2022

Despite the generic name, the movie "Till Death Do Us Part" manages to surprise every time. The Danish film is about the disintegration of a marriage, how everyday actions can turn a love story into a burning hatred. However, he is not satisfied with that, and has a number of surprising twists, which change the picture several times during the film.

The film "Till Death Do Us Part" is a Danish crime film, which as usual opens like many before it, with the description of the perfect world of the couple (Dar Selim, Sonia Richter). They live in a stunning city, beautiful and true, surrounded by money and shiny jobs. However, the husband is not satisfied with that, and decides to commit the biggest sin in the relationship and cheat. The woman, instead of breaking up the package, decides to fight for their life together, but she goes too far.

The movie "Till Death Do Us Part" does not reinvent the wheel. Unlike other Scandinavian films, it is not very dark and depressing, but looks more like a Hollywood thriller in recent years. It is wonderfully filmed, well acted and has a lot of clichés.

The movie "Till Death Do Us Part" manages to reliably outline the course of deterioration in married life and the deep reasons that motivate the characters to break up the package.

The amazing views, along with the craziness of the couple, combine wonderfully. The movie "Great Love" shows how ordinary people begin to peel off their everyday layers when they are caught in a crisis and move very quickly, after years of familiarity, to extreme measures.

The movie "Till Death Do Us Part" explains that even the most perfect couples, due to a mistake or a desire for diversity, can collapse even the greatest love of all. What is the price of continuing to live together or break up the package.

The movie "Till Death Do Us Part" is not about the best movie that appeared on Netflix, but it's not about falling either. This is a dramatic thriller, full of feelings and emotions, twists and also excellent acting by the entire cast. Another success from the creator of Little Denmark


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