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  • Lotan Diker

Reality series review: Dubai Bling, Netflix, 2022

With unprecedented speed, Dubai became the favorite place of recreation for Israelis, shortly after the Abraham Accords. This is a place with extreme wealth, money, women and lots of sheikhs with crazy status symbols.

There in Dubai, there is a growing movement of people, moving to live in the pleasure capital of the world. There is escapism there and a government that is slightly more tolerant of the follies of the rich, who want to release tension, but live in a Muslim environment.

The series "Dubai Bling" follows millionaires from Arab countries, rich, women and men, who show their stupidity and shallowness, but in extreme full gas ahead.

In the "Dubai Bling" series, we will see a lot of Tiktok videos, fancy chef meals, shallow conversations and wealth, which the eyes cannot simply absorb. Even the plates look like they were taken from a Louis XIV photography site, not to mention the balls, the models' parties and all the fake glamor that can be absorbed in forty minutes.

So we have in the "Dubai Bling" series a kind of mirror for our common bling and that of our new friends in the Middle East. It's really embarrassing, but fun all the same.


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