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  • Lotan Diker

Series review: Ridley Road, directed by Leah Mulcahy, 2022

London in the sixties is recovering from World War II, the bombings it went through. However, it is still in the hearts, there are those who miss those days.

The series " Ridley Road" tells about Vivian (Agnes O'Casey), who is part of the Jewish community in Manchester, UK. She loves the big city and is looking for love and adventure in one of the most turbulent decades in history.

After falling in love with Jack (Tom Vary) Vivian becomes aware of the strengthening of the Nazi fascist right in Britain and decides to help and infiltrate the ranks of the organization. She decides, after entering the organization, to get closer to the leader.

Like many series released in the same style, Vivian faces problems of identity and morality, forced to make very difficult choices. There are also questions about fascism and how to deal with the phenomenon, questions that receive very interesting, but also vague, answers.

The series " Ridley Road" is a spectacular historical reconstruction, which manages throughout to maintain tension and interest. This is an excellent historical reconstruction, which includes excellent dialogues and a lot of tension and action. There is also love affairs of the heart and forbidden romance, which also add pepper to something that is already a successful stew.

The series " Ridley Road" is a good series, which is also relevant today with the strengthening of anti-Semitism and racist incidents in Europe and in Britain in particular.


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