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  • Lotan Diker

Series Review: 28 Days Haunted, Netflix, 2022

The supernatural is a matter of belief, there is no doubt that there is evidence here and there, but a certain degree of uncriticalness is needed to be completely open to the idea. After the movie "Supernatural Activity", which was filmed with a home camera, many are trying to reproduce the success.

Netflix decided to reproduce the success, through a reality show that tried to show the events realistically. If the huge success came from a tiny budget from a so-called realistic film, then reality itself can bring success. Following a dubious theory by supernatural researchers, which says that staying for 28 days in a haunted place invites the spirits into the real world, three teams are sent to haunted places across the United States.

The teams, equipped with the latest hi-tech equipment, are experts in supernatural phenomena and other sloppy aids. The problem is that everything seems very improvised and unreal. If the goal is to try and sell us that this is a scary and alternative reality, then everything is rather sloppy and staged.

To be honest, the over-seriousness in "28 Days Haunted" leads to funny or sad moments and it's hard to take the end result seriously.

The result in the movie "28 days haunted" is definitely cute and there are those whose faith will lead them to agree with the negligent investigations. But, there is no doubt that these are not moments from a second life, maybe ones that will raise a smile or a slight shiver, depending on the viewer.

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