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  • Lotan Diker

Series review: Bad Batch, directed by: Brad Rau, 2022

The animated series of Disney and Lucas Arts are considered particularly high quality and "Bad Butch" does not fall far behind them.

The series "Bad Batch" deals with elite clones, a group that has undergone a genetic mutation and therefore do not behave like their cloned friends. The series "Bad Batch" is a continuation of the movie "The Clone Wars" which dealt with the rise of the Empire and the betrayal of the clones in the Jedi Order. The series "Bad Batch" deals with moral dilemmas, completing a task in the face of moral considerations.

Despite the violence, which is very hairy in a series suitable for children, the contents are quite sophisticated and challenging. A certain knowledge of the world of "Star Wars" is required to enjoy the series and the content is not afraid to touch on complex issues such as friendship, war crimes, morality and definitions of good and evil. The Bad Butch are fascinating characters, each with a different personality, making it easy for viewers to relate to them.

Despite the relative depth, it is still an action series. There are a lot of action sequences, but they are not full of brutality and blood. The dialogues and texts are reasonable and sound believable, the dubbing is also definitely professional. Some characters are goofier than others, but overall, the writing can appeal to a wide range of ages and even older Star Wars fans can find interest.

In the "Bad Batch" series, the fun action, sophisticated dialogues and the complex characters, led the series to receive a second season as well. It is another victory for the world of Star Wars on Disney Plus, which seems to be taking shape and, in my opinion, just as good as Marvel's.

Although the series "Bad Butch" is an animated series for children, adults can also find interest in it, provided they have a prior familiarity with the "Star Wars" universe.

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