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  • Lotan Diker

Series review: Dragon Age, Netflix, Creator: David Gaider, 2022

Until recently, computer games were assigned, because most of the versions for the screen were unwatchable. After several great successes, the eyes of Netflix grew and they decided to go for another big brand, which for 15 years has been considered one of the leaders in the world of fantasy and role-playing games, otherwise known as "Dragon Age".

"Dragon Age" deals with a constant struggle between those who see magic as a negative thing, and they are the Templars, and those who try to protect it at all costs, and they are the Mages. The fight between them and the forces of evil is the basis of all episodes of the series. To be honest, you don't really need to know the world to enjoy it. However, a short fight after some videos, which will show you the history of the world is really recommended.

The plot of "Dragon Age" follows several characters of different races, such as elves and dwarves, who set out to find and rob treasure. This is a classic story, suitable for Dungeons and Dragons, easy to get into and connect with. The world is huge, there is a lot of action and good dialogues. The animation just gives a lot of artistic freedom, which suits the style very well.

Dragon Age is not the biggest and loudest brand that came from the computer world to Netflix. But, he manages to surprise with his qualities. Lots of magic and swords, that will make you feel like children and love it. It's not just for fantasy fans, but anyone who wants to see quality and interesting material.

Soon we will see additional materials and worlds that will mix the gaming and the streaming world, a connection that was once considered inferior and unprofitable, is becoming more and more high-quality and interesting. It's a sign that technology is becoming mainstream and its content is only getting better.


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