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  • Lotan Diker

Series Review: The Squid Games, Producer: Wan Dong Hyuk, 2021

Similar to "The Hunger Games", but much more shocking, the "Squid Games" series presents a revolutionary idea and execution that transforms the stomach. This is one of the surprising hits of Netflix, which comes from South Korea and drives streaming subscribers crazy all over the world. The idea is simple, but it has much more to it than meets the eye. A Korean guy loses his money and gets into debt. He receives an offer from a mysterious stranger to play children's games. What can go wrong? Turns out a lot. 455 participants who arrive voluntarily, enter a creepy building full of armed guards with masks. They start playing a simple game of red light and stop, green continue. The catch is that the loser gets a ball in the head. The rules are simple - you win, you get forty million dollars, you lose, you are not dismissed but you die. Although there is almost no background on the characters, we are exposed to their plight from the relationships that are built throughout the series. Some do this for a family member who is about to die, others have to repay debts or be thrown in jail. The games themselves are brutally painful, the weird and awful part, which are kid games like darts and salted fish. The twist of gunfire or brutal death gives a direct blow to the stomach, like losing the paradise of childhood in the most violent way possible. Apart from shocking deaths, interesting relationships, alliances, quarrels and infatuations are also forged that add layers to the plot, giving the viewer moments to breathe between one awful competition and another. The series enjoys abusing its characters. We bond with one and she quickly loses her head. On the one hand it sucks, on the other hand it's very hard to stop watching the endless abuse on screen. Beyond the original idea is also a message. How a society is divided into the rich above all imagination, who can easily distribute money, and the poor who are forced to fight to the death for money, which is found but does not reach them. The Squid Games is one of the most addictive and surprising series on Netflix. No matter how shocking it is, the excellent cast and plot do the job and magnetize the screen.

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