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Series Review: Keep breathing, 2022

The genre of survival in the wild is one of the hardest to do, a person in front of a green screen and everything that has its acting talent keep breathing is a mini-series about a woman, a lawyer who must survive the Canadian wilderness after her plane crashes in the middle of the forest.

As in every series we have seen in recent years, the past and the present are mixed. Melissa is a successful woman, suffers from abandonment anxiety and works hard without a break. We go back in time through flashbacks, even to the girl to illuminate points that should explain her behavior. The plot that deals with survival is spectacular, thanks to the meticulous photography, the effects, and the talent of the acting

In contrast, the flashbacks are mostly disturbing. She is not interesting enough that we go down to the smallest details of her life and including how she survives without food and water is more interesting than who pulled her hair in elementary school. In nature we discover a touching character, who is aggressive on the outside but soft on the inside.

The length of the series is excellent, forty minutes an episode is enough. It is not smeared like other shows and helps us connect with the character and the atmosphere. It is a life and death battle between an uncompromising nature and a woman who is not ready to give up her life.

It's as fascinating as it sounds and it's one of the new Netflix series that's really worth watching.


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