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Series Review: Landscapers, Directed by: Will Sharpe, 2022

The justice system is at the heart of many series, even those who have never encountered them have any idea how they are conducted. The same series teaches us that justice is selective and not always the truth wins. Landscapers takes the narrative and pushes it forward toward perfection.

On the surfers of it the series is very simple, a duo named Susan and Edward murdered the parents and buried them in the backyard. They inherited their fortune, fled to France but mistakes they made along the way led the authorities to arrest them. Although it may seem simple, it really is not. The series tricks us all the time and asks are what seems obvious really like this?

The end of the story is the couple's conviction and 25 years in prison. But the question is whether justice is being done here, the narrative presents us with facts, interpretations that tend to move in all directions without the viewer being able to know what the absolute truth is. A lot of questions arise, but there are also no answers, so basically any answer can be correct.

Alongside the cinematic trick, we also enjoy fine acting by all the characters. This is a subdued, considered game that fits very well into the plot. There are no good and bad here, even the cops and investigators do not come out corrupt or spoiled. The series tries to claim that there are cases where all the data against you and before the trial even began you have already been convicted.

The problem with the series is that the ending is known from the beginning and the suspense element fades. All the tricks, the endless layers of the story are tiring after episode two. So in the end we do not really care what happens in the end and the decipherment that one can argue about its truths is no longer interesting. Despite this it is an interesting series, which adds interest to the real crime genre that has already become a widespread cinematic phenomenon.

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