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Series Review: Money Heist: Korea - Joint Economic Area, 2022

Updated: Jul 24, 2022

In 2017 the “Paper House'' rose and became an international sensation. It has become a brand that includes a range of products, from documentaries to spin-offs. The second series is The Squid House, which created insane Korean hype. Netflix is ​​trying to combine the two and create the perfect product.

What makes Koreans so successful, that's the way they tell stories. They manage to create a mix of twists and oddities that we are not used to seeing in the West. Despite everything there is a lot of emotion in these series and characters that can be connected to and therefore they are gaining wide international success.

Although on paper it should be a huge success, the essay is not doing any good for the Koreans. They fail to infuse their uniqueness and give an oriental touch to a Western series. It's disappointing, because we really do not need more of the same thing that has long since flooded the little credit he has left.

The plot follows a fictional future, in which the two Koreans unite into one body with one currency in common. The professor recruits’ criminals for a sophisticated robbery, in a reality where the rich become stronger, and the poor are run over. It's clear that the robbery doesn't go smoothly, they get involved and start trying to improvise.

The characters and plot are like the original. There are some gestures here to the original series, but they are not significant. I will already guess what will happen in the future which makes watching unnecessary. Perhaps the most refreshing change are the masks that become Korean and the political statement about the unification of Koranists.

Those who watch the series will feel a sense of disgust and unwillingness to continue. Netflix tried to ride a wave but fell on the way. The whole purpose of reworking is the extra angle, the refresh, or the plot changes. All of these are missing here and it's a shame.


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