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Series Review: Law & Order: Organized Crime, Irene Chiken and Matt Olmstad, 2021

The series "Law and Order: Organized Crime" has hit our screens. At the end of the 22nd season of "Law and Order: Special Victims," ​​Detective Elliott Stiebler (Christopher Maloney) returns after many years in a storm when his wife gets into a car that explodes. She was fatally wounded and died at the hospital. During his absence, Stiebler also spent some time in Italy, getting to know the right people and also people from the Mafia. He assisted them in investigating his wife's murder.

From the moment his wife dies, Stiebler decides to find out who is to blame for this crime and punish them. Thus he arrives at the organized crime unit, when he is sure to be the commander. But, to his surprise, the commander is a young African-American, lesbian married to a policewoman and they are expecting their first child, named Aina Bell (Daniel Mona Troyes). She is a talented, brave, professional and determined woman. They start working together and are joined by more detectives. There are flickers of Olivia Benson (Hargitai Marishka), reminiscent of the past and elevating the series.

The new series, unlike the previous series of "Law and Order" in which each episode stood on its own and the crime, decipherment and trial were all together in the same episode. In this series the center is the investigation into the murder of Stiebler's wife, and in the process they discover all sorts of organized crime organizations, mafia and the like, also elsewhere in the world. An excellent suspense series, there are many twists in the plot, and you watch it with bated breath and great interest. Each chapter ends with a mystery that is solved in the next chapter.

The actors in the series are all excellent: the first is, of course, Christopher Maloney, who starred for a long time in the previous series: "Law and Order: A Special Section." The actor who plays the shrewd criminal Richard Wheatley, who is the winner of the "Golden Globe" award, the great Dylan McDermott, and for those who want to remember - has previously played in the series "The Lawyers". In addition, the one who plays his ex-wife - Angela Wheatley, the actress Tamara Taylor whom we met in the series "Bones". The unit's supervisor, Aina Bell, played by Daniel Mona Troyes, is also known from the "Deputy" series.

In addition to the series' actors, there will also occasionally appear actors from the "Law and Order: Special Victims" series, such as Peter Scabiano as Dominic Carissi Jr., and also Demor Burns as Deputy Commander Christian Garland and others. The series continues for a second season after the end of the first season in an impossible and tense situation, which requires answers and reference.


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