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  • Lotan Diker

Series Review: Portofino Hotel, Creator: Matt Baker, Director: Adam Wimpney, 2022

There is a feeling that the series "Hotel Portofino" was written by an algorithm of periodical English dramas. An elderly woman, dissatisfied with her life, moves to a province in Italy to open a hotel for rich Brits who seem to have accumulated from all the dramas over the years. All the elements of British dramas are here, intrigue, betrayals, lack of patronage and all against the background of the landscapes and the Italian food.

Bella Ainsworth (Natasha McAlhoun) has been preparing herself all her life for the moment when she can open a hotel and fulfill herself. She takes her entire family with her, including her heavenly husband and impersonal son. They want to open a hotel in the picturesque city of Portofino, called "Hotel Portofino". To do this, they must navigate between the endless intrigues of the hotel, the aggressive courtship offers of the English gentlemen, and in general the life of the stunning Italian town in which they live. Bella has a persistent struggle with her spendthrift husband, who tries to destroy all the hotel's profits for unnecessary and petty pleasures.

Every now and then, between one pleasure and another, repressed conflicts will emerge and the outside world will pop in for a visit. Starting with the representative of Mussolini's fascism, in the form of a corrupt and cynical politician, we are at the beginning of the twentieth century, economic problems and quarrels over unfinished accounts from the past.

The series takes place in the 1920s, after the First World War. There is a beautiful escapism in the "Portofino Hotel" series, which gives a healthy possibility to escape from reality.

If you are fans of the genre, there is no doubt that you will jump at the bargain. The series "Portofino Hotel" makes very few mistakes and it knows its job. However, if you are allergic to British dramas, you will have to stay far away from the work.


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