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  • Lotan Diker

Series Review: Sløborn, Creator: Christian Alwart, 2022

One of the prices of living in a modern world is probably the fact that epidemics pop up from time to time. The main corona virus has changed the lives of all the inhabitants of the planet. There are very few series and movies that take her seriously, Sloborn except to say her name explicitly creates a world that resembles her influences almost exactly.

On an isolated island, inhabited by inhabitants who are only occupied with their own world, which is conflicted between people who live in such close proximity, a mysterious ship arrives. The advertisements they see on TV about a mysterious epidemic in India and China disturb them on a latent level but do not disturb their rest too much.

The ship smells of death and indeed all the sailors died of a mysterious virus. Soon it starts to tear down spaces and tears the local community and changes the whole fabric of life. This is a suspense series about how modern society collapses and all the orders of life change as a result of an external invader who is invisible.

She is trying to move from the global level to the personal level, on an imaginary island built in cooperation between Germany and Denmark. The plays are very familiar to us, so it will be easier to identify with what the characters are going through. There are extremes here, but the characters are interesting enough for us to care about what happens to them. The bottom line is this is a good suspense series that manages to interest and fascinate, the second season is also successful but less than the first.

It changes direction and is therefore less recommended for viewing. For those who haven't seen Sloborn, it at least provides one successful and effective season to watch.

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