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  • Lotan Diker

Movie Review: The Prey, Disney Plus, Director: Dan Trachtenberg, 2022

The Predator film series began in 1987 with Schwarzenegger and has since taken on a life of its own. It's about a skinned alien with super technology who tries to defeat the best fighters on Earth in order to prove himself to his fellow aliens. It uses advanced technologies, such as camouflage and infrared.

This time we go back 250 years to the beginning of colonialism in the British Columbia region and to the Comanche tribe. They were excellent fighters, but with outdated weapons, which are not exactly a match for the predator. The heroine is Naru (Amber Midthunder), a doctor and fighter who tries to prove herself in a male society that does not accept her as an independent woman.

The film starts slowly, and we learn about the fascinating lives of the tribal people. Little by little, we learn about their unique rituals and their faith in nature. After about half an hour, the action begins, and the predator ( Dane DiLiegro)intervenes and starts killing everyone he can. It is a fascinating struggle between the wisdom of the Native American warriors and the advanced power of the alien that has invaded their territory.

But this time the alien is not the only force that threatens them, a group of French colonists also pose no less danger. The film is very brutal like its predecessors, blood and severed organs are part of the menu it offers. The action is fast and the fact that it only lasts an hour, and a half makes it even more demanding and bloody.

The Prey is a great start for those who haven't seen the previous films and is a fun entry for those who aren't familiar with the old film series. Fans will also enjoy the uncompromising brutality, from the time when cruelty and survival were an inseparable part of the menu of those who lived in it.


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