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Series Review: Solar opposites, Disney Plus Creators: Justin Roiland, Mike McMahon, 2022

Another gem from Disney Plus and its attempts to enter the world of adult animation. This time an original series, featuring a family of aliens who crashed on Earth from a perfect planet and are trying to adapt to life on Earth. They range from wanting to leave, to their desperate and destructive attempts to try and integrate into human society.

Solar opposites mock all science fiction films and about human society. The humor is cynical and blunt and always touches on other sacred cows. This is not a good-hearted series, but a venomous and biting humor that does not see eye to eye.

Children who try to fit in at school and thus shed light on the power struggles, the desire to belong and the classes that are created and the adults who go through an experience of rejection and an attempt to understand human society. There is a huge gap between their technological capabilities and their zero social understanding, they are forced to get used to a purposeless life on Earth.

Each character is characterized by a strong personality, which makes the series an enjoyable sitcom. There is no plot that passes between the chapters, but a fun mini adventure every time. The creators of Rick and Morty created the solar opposites, and you see their handprint around every corner.

Those who watched Rick and Morty will probably like this series as well. Although there are differences, it is less full of far-fetched scientific ideas and more focused on the humorous, extroverted, and human side of things. This is a fun series that fans of adult animation can't miss, especially those who love science fiction and sophisticated humor.


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