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Movie Review: A Wedding to remember, Director: David Strasser, 2021

A romantic film, about two, beautiful, smart and successful in their field, but did not find a suitable relationship, who meet by chance, as fate connected them, even though they are different from each other. Olivia (Christina Rosato) manages a successful and thriving community garden. She is a very single and handsome woman and does not believe she will find a mate. One day Brian (Graystone Holt), a real estate man and his friend, arrive at the garden and plan to build a residential building for people with limited resources on the garden that is supposed to be vacated. They argue among themselves and come out very angry. The next day Olivia goes to the wedding party of her friend Jenny (Rebecca Olson) and to her surprise the same bus also gets Brian and his place next to her. They travel to the same place, and it turns out to the same party. Brian is the best friend of the groom Richard (Matt Hamilton) and Olivia and Brian are the groomsmen of Jenny and Richard.

The tension of the days before the wedding affects Jenny and Richard and they are many and the purpose of Brian and Olivia is to sort things out, to be reconciled and married out of love and a desire to be together. They plan romantic gestures, which by chance the young couple get but Brian and Olivia. It brings them closer together, and also all the plans to appease the young couple. Of course in the end they succeed and the couple get married in a very exciting wedding. After the wedding Brian and Olivia return and the dispute between them remains the same. But, Brian goes over the building's plans and finds a solution for the common garden that Olivia also looks like. They reconcile and go on a date ... Nice optimistic film with humor. Good play by all participants and wonderful views.


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