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  • Lotan Diker

Series Review: The Cuphead Show, Netflix, Creators: Cap Moldenhauer, Jared Moldenhauer, 2022

For three seasons now, one of the original animated series of recent years has been hiding on Netflix. It is based on an original and crazy computer game, which received crazy hype on the Internet. The drawings are really retro back to the good old Disney days.

The series "The Cuphead Show" is a funny and interesting tribute to the early days of cinema, when people were excited to see cartoon characters moving on the screen. Each episode in the series is really short, a few minutes at most, so you can finish all the episodes in even two hours. The two main characters look just the same, it can be frustrating and annoying, but it can be forgiven.

The animation in the "Cuphead Show" series is simply amazing and original. There is a huge gallery of moving characters on the screen. Everything is so old, including nostalgic jokes and references, that might not really be suitable for children. They will mostly be enthusiastic about the visual richness, but it is not certain that they will be so connected to the content. The plots are quite clichéd, but you can definitely like many episodes that have charm and playfulness.

It can be said that the series "The Cuphead Show" is quite reminiscent of the series "SpongeBob", from the same areas of thinking and creativity. It's also the same target audience, only Cuphead will be more suitable for a mature audience with a love for retro.

The series "The Cuphead Show" will not suit everyone, but it certainly has a lot of potential for those who have connected to the games.


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