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  • Lotan Diker

Series Review: The Patient, Disney Plus, Creators: Joel Fields and Joe Weisberg, 2022

Steve Carell started out as a successful comedy actor, with his immortal hit "40 Year Old Virgin". Since then he has developed as a successful character actor and the series "The Patient" is perhaps his personal best.

The series "The Patient" deals with the psychologist-patient relationship in an original and extreme way, when it brings together a therapist named Alan Strauss (Steve Carle) and a serial killer named Sam (Dombnall Gleason).

The series "The Patient" begins with Carl, the psychologist Alan, being chained and then we follow the emerging relationship between him and Sam - the serial killer. Each episode is 22 minutes long, very short for a dark and nerve-racking drama. Sam kidnaps not as revenge, but to improve the ideal conditions for treatment. He sees Alan as an expert, who can help him and therefore expresses his appreciation towards him as only he knows how.

In the series "The Patient" there are many philosophical questions, which concern the human soul, such as: Is it possible to correct a person who has already crossed all boundaries? The two main actors are indeed in few locations, but they do a wonderful job in a nerve-racking thriller, also with precise and creepy sound.

This is about the series "The Patient" about an excellent drama, with a lot of creepy moments, which has a lot to say. It is also short, so it can be finished relatively quickly, which makes it perfect to watch even for boring moments or at the end of a gloomy, wintery weekend.


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