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  • Lotan Diker

Series review: The Peripheral, creator: Scott B. Smith, 2022

Amazon Prime is one of the most fascinating streaming phenomena right now. After a rather lame start, she starts investing in expensive and leading productions. They took some of the top producers and directors in the sci-fi genre, along with the great writer William Gibson and created something that has the potential to be great.

The plot in the series "The Peripheral" requires a lot of concentration, we are talking about those who created "Westworld", so the name of the brand must be preserved. Here too there are innovative technological ideas, dealing with the connection between the past and the future through new technology and alternative worlds, a topic that is at the center of the news these days and should develop soon.

There is a young protagonist here, Flynn Fisher (Chloe Grace Moretz), who tries to fight for the future of humanity through a realistic experience and two different consciousnesses, which were supposed to be a kind of advanced gaming game.

The plot itself of "The Peripheral" takes us to London in the future and the near present in 2032. Between the two dates there is an ongoing conflict, the reasons for which are revealed to us during the first episodes. The series has a spectacular and very realistic vision of the future, an excellent setting and a lot of realism that is quite cool and invested.

The series "The Peripheral" is not a simple series, those who disconnect from it will lose themselves and not understand what is going on. It requires a lot of investment, but excellent and interesting, complicated, but very rewarding.

The series "The Peripheral" is one of the best recent science fiction productions, which returns it to its old status before "Game of Thrones" and other fantasy series.

Science fiction has a lot more to say about scripts relevant to our world and the technology developing in it.


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