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  • Lotan Diker

Series Review: Tokyo Weiss - Japan Has Never Been Closer, Director: Michael Mann, 2022

Japan has a crime family that has existed for hundreds of years and is part of the local culture. The Yakuza are a Japanese legend, one of the most special and interesting criminal organizations in history. They are not very merciful and will try to eliminate anyone who stands in their way. One of their heyday was in the Roaring Nineties.

Jack Edelstein (Ansel Elgort) is a foreigner who loves Japan. He is obsessed with culture and even learned about it at university. He becomes the first white journalist to go to Japan to deal with crimes and thus fulfills a dream. However, he soon becomes a nightmare, that he gets involved with the wrong people, who see no one in sight.

The series "Tokyo Vice" follows his autobiographical book "Tokyo Nights", which became a global bestseller immediately after its release. Some of the descriptions in the book are exaggerated or invented by him, but that does not mean that the series is not interesting and fascinating. She opens a window to Japanese culture, which is full of respect and nuances, which we are exposed to as the plot progresses.

The main character is too perfect, too beautiful, too successful, which causes a little lack of interest in the "Tokyo Weiss" series. But even so, it has a lot of positive points. A very committed game, an interesting plot and a lot of reliable information about how the Japanese underworld works.

Although the series "Tokyo Weiss" is a bit old-fashioned and follows rules that are no longer really valid, it is still worth watching due to its cultural and anthropological depth, which there is not much like in today's television.


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