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Series Review: Tyson, Creator: Steven Rogers, 2022

For many years Mike Tyson was equally provocative in and out of the boxing ring. The amount of scandals he was involved in is as long as the number of people he defeated in six seconds in the ring. Mike Tyson was born into an impossible reality, with almost imaginary characters in their colors. He was never able to change and was finally dismissed humiliatingly, with his ear in his mouth.

The "Tyson" series operates from the point of view of the legendary boxer, who has equal parts lovers and haters. He starts from a performance when he is already an adult and quickly goes through his life full of ups and downs, from his beginnings as a baker boy, who had to run from his enemies to the transformation he went through and became a world boxing champion at the youngest age in history.

The episodes in the series "Tyson" are short with very frantic editing, accompanied by the interpretation of Tyson (Tervante Rhodes) who sounds sincere and emotional on stage. The pace is excellent, almost murderous. Although the part of the battles in the arena occupy a relatively small share of the series in general. Most of the happenings are outside the ring, especially his relationships with the people who surrounded his life and the complex and many-faced character he wore throughout his life.

There is a surprising honesty in the series "Tyson", which presents an entertaining African-American man, who tells about his difficult life and the disappointments he suffered until his rise. It's a little scattered, but that's how we're exposed to his version of the story and it's very similar to other people's lives. Actor Trevante Rhodes does an excellent job portraying Tyson, an honest and vulnerable performance that seems completely authentic. In general - the presentation of the game is excellent, which adds a lot of volume to the series, which is built on trust between it and the viewers.

In the "Tyson" series, the never-ending transitions between present and past can be tiring, even discouraging, but apart from this weak point, the "Tyson" series manages to surpass most of the content on Disney Plus in its maturity and efficiency. It shows the exploitative women, the promoters and the trainers, who just wanted a little fame from his enigmatic character.

In the "Tyson" series we will find the charm, the cruelty and the hard fall next to the huge successes. Despite Mike Tyson's criticism of the creators, he couldn't get better representation.

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