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  • Lotan Diker

The hit of Indian cinema - RRR the Great Rebellion, Director: Kodori Srisila Rajamouli, 2022

I never really liked Indian cinema, most of the films seemed superficial and not really serious. But it is a huge industry that produces hundreds of movies a year, second only to Hollywood. Despite the not-so-serious image it has come out with, there are still several successful films coming out of this vast subcontinent.

The film before us breaks cultural barriers and breaks through all remaining boundaries. It receives rave reviews on leading websites, and it seems that finally, it can win awards. A group of leading Indian cinematographers came together to make the film, the most expensive in its history. The plot is simple, the cruel British governor and his wife kidnap Rama's wife from the village. Together with a police officer they set out to return, on a journey full of adventures.

The film is very creative bordering on the absurd. It has several dance scenes, kung fu and what not. A lot of powerful music, thousands of extras, and shots from exploding motorcycles. He's funny on and off, but the romance doesn't develop into anything too interesting.

The game is surprising in its quality, it is completely reasonable. It has a lot of animals, some real and some digital, you will know the difference in exile. He is full of patriotic feelings in the face of the brutal British colonial occupation. There is no doubt that if you try to connect with the heroes who are constantly moving on the screen, you will enjoy a lot of breathtaking beauty.

For three hours that pass very quickly, we see a lot of explosions and murderous pace on the screen. This is one of the best foreign films that Netflix has to offer, it is highly recommended.


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