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  • Lotan Diker

Movie Review: Buba, Director: Arne Feldhausen, 2022

How to sell drugs online in my opinion is one of the best flashes of Netflix in recent years and more in the German language. Bubba is a small and not very successful crook, who at the end of the first season finds his death by the boys who try to sell drugs through him.

Buba is a tragic but extremely funny character. We follow his growing up process, in front of his charismatic brother who was injured in a car accident for which he tries to atone his whole life knowing that he is guilty of it. Years after the accident and the death of their parents in the accident, the pair become petty crooks, who encounter the Albanian mafia. They join forces and try to play on the court of the greats.

The film is very funny, but not through slapstick jokes but through malice and cynicism. There is a great deal of sadism towards the main characters, who the world does not favor at any point. The acting of the German actors who are not known to the international audience is excellent, the violence is brutal to an extent.

This is a fun film that is pleasantly surprising in terms of its lightness. It doesn't require too much thinking and even though it branches off into a secondary mafia plot, it's still not complicated but definitely rewarding. It's surprising that they gave such a minor character an entire movie, but she's interesting enough to hold a movie that lasts about forty hours. It's a surprising candy from Germany that manages to create surprising and original hits every few years.

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