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Documentary Series Review: Australia Islands with Martin Clunes, 2020

The English actor Martin Clunes, who is "Doc Martin" from the entertaining and funny series, embarks on a larger island from England for fascinating adventures - to Australia, but not to the continent itself, but to the islands that surround it. Since there are more than 8000 islands around Australia, he has built a three-episode series that brings out the most fascinating islands. Indeed, an entertaining and interesting series, teaches a lot, but in a pleasant and captivating way. In a series of 3 episodes that are divided as follows: 1. Lord Howe Island, Lost Paradise, Norfolk. 2. Islands Tiwi chain. 3. Mundo Island, Tasmania and Maria Island . A total of 16 islands have been selected, and Martin explores the culture, history, and even experiences for himself what the islanders do, such as: diving, farming, searching for the demon in Tasmania, searching for food and more. In the first episode he gets to know the people of the islands in the east, in the Pacific Ocean, in the islands of Lord Howe. Time has stopped reigning there and he is searching with the Aboriginal islanders for different and weird foods, experimenting with their dances. He also comes to an island where only one person lives and he spends a day fishing, cooking food and more. He also comes to an island where only five people live, whose main occupation is pearls and learns how to make an oyster make pearls, sees spectacular pearls. In the second episode - North and West - he comes to the Tiwi Islands, swims and dives with sharks, meets with formidable snakes, fish with the islanders in the way they fish. He also discovers prisons that were used in the past and the harsh conditions in which the prisoners lived and talks to the remaining family members and their frustration. In the third episode - South - Martin meets with farmers, hears about their problems especially when there is a drought and the water becomes salty and undrinkable. Riding horses, helping to collect cows and more. Then travel to see little penguins and how to raise them and save them from cruel dilution. He also has experience in car racing in Mini Cooper. The interesting part for me, was his trip to Tasmania, to see the Tasmanian demon. It turns out that in Tasmania the demons got some kind of cancer that kills them. So, they took healthy animals to Maria Island and there they are followed and now they are all healthy. He sees how they place special cameras and food so that they can be photographed and see that everything is fine with them. He later returns to Tasmania for a nature reserve, and is connected to a researcher who has set up special traps for surveillance. When they are caught, put sacks on them, weigh them, make sure they are healthy, and if necessary - put chips for tracking. A series that has it all: stunning nature, adventures and thrills, information about Australia's past, the Aborigines, the animals and especially the Tasmanian demon. Highly recommended for viewing.


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