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Series review: The Rookie: Feds, directed by Tessa Clark, 2022

The series "The Rookie" was special in that its hero, John Nolan (Nathan Fillion) decided to join the police force,

The FBI in Los Angeles at a relatively late age, over 40, after busying himself with other jobs. After the internship, he proves himself and even asks to become a rookie instructor at the end of his internship as a full-fledged police officer.

The success of the series led to the creation of a subsidiary series: "The Rookie: Feds", starring a woman - Simone Clarke (Nissi Nash), who also appeared in "The Rookie". If they thought Nolan was the oldest cop in the FBI, they were wrong. Simone Clarke is older than him - 48 years old. She is full of energy and enthusiasm and ready for tasks. In the past, Simone was a veteran and experienced educational consultant, who dealt with students who were not easy at all. Although the subjects of education and policing do not seem close, Simone shows that her previous experience is very helpful in her current job.

The commanders at the station initially saw a middle-aged woman and did not treat her at all. They let her be a clerk without going outside at all. This was not Simon's plan. She turned to her former manager, Special Agent Garza (Felix Solis) and asked to join his department - the Special Investigations Unit. At first she was refused, but when she gave good and creative ideas in finding murderers, Ha was accepted into the department.

Simon has original and different ideas, which advance the investigations. She chased a man from one of the gangs, when he was riding a motorcycle and she was in a car, and managed to talk to him at a traffic light and even scratched him - which led to a DNA sample and the identification of the criminal.

When it was necessary to find an address of a gang member, she found out what high school he attended and contacted the counselor there and got the address. She talks to the criminals as well as her problematic students and manages to get things from them that even the experienced investigators don't get.

In the series "The Rookie: Feds" actors from the series "The Rookie" participate in guest roles, such as John Nolan who receives Simone's face and she can turn to him when she needs to. Also Angela Lopez (Alyssa Diaz), Lucy Chen (Melissa O'Neill), Tim Bradford (Eric Winter) and others.

There are other familiar characters from other series, such as the profiler Laura Kipling (Britt Robertson), who played in many films and series, but starred in the legal series "For the Common Good". Courtney Ford as Tracy Child also played in many movies and series, and remember "True Blood", "Dexter" and more.

To serve at the FBI in Los Angeles, Simone returns to live with her father Christopher "Katy" Clark (Frankie Payson). The father was a former FBI agent, who was wrongfully convicted. He even sat in prison for 8 years. He was released and decided to work in the public service he believed in as a leader of the BLACK LIVES MATTER movement. Since he still has anger at the FBI, he is unhappy with the change Simone has made in her career. But, devoted pain is in agreement with the idea and allows her to live in his house, on the condition that upon entering the house she takes off the gun and all the FBI insignia.

The series "The Rookie: Feds" is as interesting and fascinating as its mother series "The Rookie" which was recently renewed for a fifth season. Nice thinking of integrating more mature people, who in the past had a different career and are experienced in other fields, and can bring their experience and the life wisdom they have gained to the police as well.


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