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Film Review: Dog Trip, Directors: Reed Carolyn, Channing Tatum, 2022

The movie "Dog Trip" is another movie about a dog, this time a dog named Lulu, a Belgian Malinois, who was trained to be a fighting dog.

Lulu was the dog of Riley, the friend of the film's hero Jackson Briggs (Chaining Tatum). Riley was killed in a car accident and Jackson was called to bring the dog from Fort Louis to Arizona. Both served in the Rangers, but Briggs was diagnosed with a brain injury due to a head injury. He wants to return to military service and claims that he feels great, but we see that sometimes he does not feel well. He believes that the task of bringing the dog to Arizona will bring him the long-awaited job.

The dog seems calm, but is very wild and undisciplined, especially towards the people she doesn't know. She is protected with a mouth guard, but when Briggs takes it off, she goes on a rampage, destroying his car and upholstery. What helps is a sausage with a sedative and she falls asleep. When Briggs pulls over and goes to the bar, Lulu wakes up and shows signs of distress and the neighbor, who believes she is an abused dog, lets her out of the car. Lulu attacks him and runs away until Briggs overpowers her.

They continue driving and suddenly Lulu jumps out of the car and runs. Briggs runs after her and it turns out he wanted to experience marijuana. He is initially caught, but manages to escape. The ranch owner, Gus (Kevin Nash) at first ties him to a chair, but later releases him, the ranch owner's wife Tamara (Jane Adams), manages to establish a good relationship with the dog and subsequently Briggs also befriends them and even shows them Lulu's book from her in Afghanistan.

When they arrive in San Francisco, Briggs disguises himself as a blind man with a guide dog, who turns out to be Lulu, and they get a room in an excellent hotel. The stay goes awry when Lulu, who has been trained to attack those of Arab appearance, attacks an innocent man. They are arrested and the attacked Dr. Al Farid (Jones Zahedi) agrees to give up on the condition that they assure him that they are going to receive treatment.

The relationship between Lulu and Briggs tightens, and they continue to Los Angeles, where Briggs tries to visit his wife Nikki (Kuryanka Kilcher) and their 3-year-old daughter Sam. He even bought her a unicorn doll as a gift. The woman does not allow the father and his house to meet, and he returns to the car disappointed and gives the doll to Lulu.

Briggs decides to visit Noah (Ethan Sufley), who has adopted Lulu's brother Nok, and he teaches him how to bond more closely with Lulu.

Later on, the trip becomes difficult, when they get caught in a thunderstorm and crazy rain and the car breaks down. They spend the night in a nearby barn and dry off because they are soaked to the bone. They hitchhike the way to the funeral place. In the funeral Briggs keeps Lulu calm.

After fixing the truck Briggs tries to get Lulu back, but she is restless and he takes her with him and ends up adopting her.

The movie "Dog Trip" is a lovable but predictable movie. It is pleasant to watch for both dog lovers and others.


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