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Series Review: Doggy Kamaluha, 2021

Disney Plus is finally coming to us and with it all the series we have not seen in the country. Disney likes to use their series to convey social messages and paint a better world morally as well. "Doggy Kamaluha" is a remake of "Doggy Hauser" from the 1980s, about a gifted girl (Dayton Elizabeth Lee) who became a doctor because she is terribly genius and cool.

So here we too will get to see the lifesaver lift. In contrast to the series about doctors, which are mainly intended for adults, here the emphasis is slightly different because she is a girl from Hawaii, whose father aspires for her to go far and is under enormous pressure. The emphasis is on the girl, whose life is lost and she wants to have fun with her friends, but it is terribly fun for her to have powers over and she can care for and save older people.

Although she's very smart, she mostly wants to go to the beach and dance with floral necklaces, because that's what cool girls at Disney do. There is no doubt that "Dogmi Kamaluha" is an industrial and diabetic product of Disney, with all the ingredients that make them the number one media corporation in the world. They are all moral, there are terribly cute conflicts, between generations and between commitment and a desire for freedom. Everything is so true and timed that the narrative seems to have been ordered in delivery on Amazon and executed with maximum efficiency.

This is not to say that this is not a good series, the game is fine and there are suspenseful and even exciting plots for teenagers who dream of dissecting internal organs. But I would like Disney to get a little dirty, their characters always work according to a pre-made formula, which is so American, democratic and moral. Until we become a more human heroine in my eyes, one can enjoy a hospital drama, with a young heroine, who has all the difficulties and dilemmas and even the solutions we are all familiar with.


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