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  • Lotan Diker

Film review: Samaritan, directed by Julius Avery, 2022

Sylvester Stallone has been at the top of Hollywood for several decades. It goes without saying that a 76-year-old actor is still playing a superhero and looking like a Chariot tank. Despite this, his acting skills are still limited and his choice of roles is limited. Stallone excels in a timeless role, which he plays - the simple American hero who succeeded against all odds.

After "Rambo" and "Rocky", Stallone changes his career a little and joins the contemporary world. He becomes a superhero named Joe Smith, who used to fix the world, got depressed and decided to retire while inventing his death. A boy who has been beaten manages to get him out of indifference and fight against a group of thugs. The relationship between the boy and the Samaritan is developing into friendship. When evil comes to the neighborhood, Stallone is forced to choose between continuing to hide or saving the local people.

Unlike Marvel, the film is built as a single unit and not an invented world. It is intended for children, it has no plot sophistication or graphic violence. He lacks the edginess and lightness of the comic heroes, he is very heavy and serious. Stallone seems tired and not really satisfied with the role and the other characters don't really manage to excel.

Although the movie "The Samaritan" opens in a powerful and interesting way, it deteriorates later. He doesn't give enough emotional background to the characters. The boy is annoying at the beginning and end of the film and the dystopian world remains mysterious outside the plot. In the absence of many details, the "Samaritan" is very flat and not always interesting.

There are a limited number of jokes about Stallone's age, but instead of celebrating him being a superhero heading into his ninth decade, the film mostly ignores that fact. Not everything is bad in "The Samaritan", the villain is quite believable and does little stomach scratching compared to the villain of children's movies. The action sequences and effects, when they finally arrive, are passable and not awkward. The length is suitable for children and in general it does not try to oppress too much with narratives and storylines that can confuse the young audience.

The film "Samaritan" is not a masterful film, it does not come close to it. With better writing and screenwriting courage along with some lightness and jokes it could be much better. Despite this, it is a non-violent and undemanding binge that can be suitable for children who can expect it alone and even enjoy it.


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