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  • Lotan Diker

Film Review: Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris, Director: Anthony Fabian, 2022

I love British cinema, it has a tradition of lightness and laughter, it is unique and ironic, things that are hard to find in other cultures.

The movie "Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris" deals with the gaps between the classes, focusing on the moments when someone from the working class manages to infiltrate the world of the rich and successful.

The movie "Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris" is about Ida Harris (Leslie Manville), a kind-hearted woman of about sixty. She works as a daycare worker, whose husband passed away and she is left with a good amount of money. Ida decides to treat herself and go to Paris to buy a Christian Dior dress for 500 pounds.

Ida decides to work hard, to be able to save and luck also shines its smiling face on her. She wins the lottery and decides that if she doesn't travel now, her dream will never come true. In Paris, she succeeds in amusing circumstances to succeed in entering the world of fashion in the city of lights.

The acting of all the characters is lovely, especially Mrs. Harris's. Thanks to her human warmth and humor, she manages to touch all the people she meets, and the tough fashion house manager, too, finally cannot stand Ida's kindness and biting humor.

There is something very optimistic about the movie Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris. There is also a belief in the film, that there is a person's ability to fulfill himself even at older ages and against all odds.

In the movie "Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris" there is an excellent balance between fantasy and delicacy, humor and realism. Although there are some slightly absurd scenes, which go out of the excellent balance of the film, it is still really recommended and charming.


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