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  • Lotan Diker

Film review: Prey, director: Balthazar Kormakor, 2022

Unlike the Disney film, in "Prey" the predator is a dangerous wild animal and not a bloodthirsty alien. The father (Idris Elba), a doctor by profession, arrives with his daughters (Charlotte Copley and Ilana Haley) on an innocent roots trip, which was supposed to be his family trip. However, when they arrive at the village, the surprise of their lives unfolds before them, a survival journey and a game of cat and mouse against a threat that they never dreamed of before.

The plot in the film "Prey" is completely generic, and the film seems to have flown under the radar in most parts of the world. Despite clichés and a trite narrative, discussed in dozens of past films, the film "Prey" is pleasantly surprising. It is not a masterpiece, but definitely an effective film suitable for cinema. It is a creepy and fun experience, devoid of logic, but one that is better experienced in a hall with a huge screen.

The fools themselves are great and really challenging, especially considering that the lion is digital and some of the shots were done with green screen. The digital reproduction is nothing less than amazing and the sound is a pleasure to the ears. The actual genre of the film "Prey" is quite cheap and one that has become negligible in Hollywood, but the production and effects make it definitely worth watching.

The movie "Prey" is slightly reminiscent of "The Reborn Man", it manages to recreate the same atmosphere of survival and horror. He manages to bounce several times and squeeze cheers from the audience. That's why it's an experience worth going through together and not alone at home, with tea and a thirty-inch shelter.

The movie "Prey" shows alongside an unsophisticated plot at all, a fertile imagination and a return to sources, which seemed to have already passed from the world: man versus nature.


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