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Film Review:Summerland, Director: Jessica Sewall, 2022

Rural England is still one of the most magical and photogenic places on the planet. The green and the abundant water are a kind of perfect litmus paper for any film.

The film talks about a grumpy woman named Alice Lamb (Gemma Atherton)

In 1975, She encounters a boy who wants to pick up the elderly and through him tells a charming story about unrequited love that happened during the Blitz on London.

Summerland is a place where the ghosts of the past meet life, a kind of magical myth that appears throughout the film and contains a message. The film moves along two parallel axes, the gray present and the past which comes in the form of magical flashbacks from key points in the heroine's life.

The historical reconstruction is spectacular, the way the villages in England were affected by the war but behaved as a place of refuge where people lived and loved in contrast to London where the war took place in full force. The relationships between the characters are fascinating, exciting, and very human and intimate.

The landscapes also take a central place in the film and make you want to simply take a suitcase and reach the magical landscapes of the British Isles. The main character turns out to be the main flaw in Summerland, she is unbearable and there is no real explanation for the narcissistic and inconsiderate behaviour she takes towards the environment.

Despite an unbearable main character, it is still superior to a classic British film that many love. It is not particularly exciting, or unique, but it manages to touch and impress precisely at a time when we all need a refuge from the events around us.

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