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  • Lotan Diker

Series Review: Maid, Producers: Colin McKenna, Terry Murphy, Bonnie R. Benwick, 2021

The life of the poor and their survival is a topic that many series have dealt with in recent years. In the series "Maid" we meet Margaret Cavalli, a rising star, who plays a young mother named Alex, who is forced to flee with her daughter from an abusive father. Alex leaves without education and means, she is forced to stay in welfare institutions, and survive with a meager salary. The "Maid" series follows a number of aspects of Cavalli's life. Her dealing in court without a lawyer because she is unable to hire him, a survival struggle and the desire to find a stable and sufficient livelihood. She has a special relationship with her family and especially with her mother Paula (Andy McDowell), who is unable to find a permanent relationship and neglected her when she was young. The gameplay is fine, and there is a realistic and flowing feeling of a chaotic and exploitative reality. This is the price that the poor have to pay for their economic situation and inability to rise up the social ladder in the state of unlimited possibilities. Although the point of view is very limited, there is still a thunderous critique of the justice and welfare system in the United States. There are not many innovations in "Maid". We have seen most of the series in many other places. There is almost no humor, and the plot is not interesting enough to hold ten episodes. But the main star's social criticism, acting, and grace manage to carry an experience, perhaps unoriginal and tumultuous, but certainly reasonable and satisfying.


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