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  • Lotan Diker

Film Review: The Menu, Director: Mark Mylod, 2022

Recently many films use food as a sophisticated metaphor for social criticism. The movie "The Menu" is one of them and it turns a chef's meal into a rather grotesque story.

The movie "The Menu" is a manifesto, even unrefined, about the greed of the wealthy. The film begins banally, as it follows a group of young and old from the social elite who travel to a remote island with a mysterious restaurant located on it.

The island has a chef from hell named Selvik (Ralph Fiennes), who has strict rules and a love for fine food. The camera follows the snobbery of the guests that disappears, because the chef who is the hero of the evening and his team, decide to give them an educational workshop. Suddenly it turns into a horror movie and all the grace changes to brutality.

The acting in the movie "The Menu" is excellent and the humor is very cynical and dark. There is a combination here between the "White Lotus" series and "Texas saws", something that can sound quite strange, but is successful and tasty like crème brûlée with the right amount of sweetness and gentle cooking. Although not all the players play at the same level and there is a lot of sarcasm seasoned with misanthropy, which not everyone will connect with, there is still an interesting and sophisticated parable about today's society.

Ralph Fiennes is one of the best actors of our generation. In the movie "The Menu" he gives another excellent role to which he completely devotes himself and really celebrates on the screen. It may not be his best film, but still, it is a perfectly acceptable candy, which will make you want to eat a lot of red meat at the end.

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