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From series review Epix

Lost, apocalyptic times are the dominant materials that make up the series from. The formula is familiar, a family arrives from outside the town that is a god force and finds a mysterious and dark force that rules the town. They fail to leave and meanwhile monsters and other dark forces try to eat them. sounds very similar to Stephen King's books and there are really a lot of similarities.

But from deals a lot, in the daily lives of the characters the little struggles and the way they try to survive. The Matthews family are the protagonists of the series, they are trying to survive the onslaught of the disgusting creatures that have something very human but also dark about them.

This is not only a horror series with brutal scenes, but it also deals with mystery and suspense. The family tries to solve the mystery that surrounds the small town and along the way discovers secrets that everyone wants to forget. Of course, each solution leads to more questions with a lot of relatively surprising twists.

Like many other series the protagonists will have to endure a lot of hardships until the mystery is solved. There is a great deal of despair and death along the way, some viewers will find it unbearable and despair of the amount of suffering they see on screen, others will wait until the historic solution comes into place in peace and get a reasonable and satisfying solution to the mystery.

From deals with the way in which human beings can survive a situation that is impossible. Are they able to adapt or stay and persevere in their old ways and just become extinct. There are messages here about unity, family, and other issues that Americans are dying for.

Along with the good stuff and wisdom that the series deals with the mystery of the town, there are those who will just leave after a short number of episodes. Some of the characters are not interesting enough, the mystery does not leave and is not clear and the brutality at some point gets tired. Whoever has patience and decides to persevere, will be pleased with the solution and depth of from.

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