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  • Lotan Diker

Movie Review: Day Shift, Director: JJ Perry, 2022

Vampires have always been demonic characters in hundreds of movies. They are the enemies of humanity and have been trying to suck its blood since the appearance of Bram Stoker's book Count Dracula. Day shift is another round in the never-ending sagas about the creatures of the night and not the most successful of them.

The concept itself is quite original and cool. The hunter Jimmy Fox does not kill vampires for a solid ideology but for the greed of money. The brutality in the film is celebrated, think of any original way to kill vampires and you will find it in the film. It's like 90’s PC game, a Mortal Combat imitation where you must be aggressive to get a high rating.

In terms of action, the film is excellent, it looks and plays quite well. But when it comes to depth or psychological motivations, this is where it falls short. There's every graphic stunt in the book here, quite an impressive display of power, but other than that the day shift doesn't have much to offer.

The plot as we said follows a vampire hunter who needs money. He divorced his wife and therefore he owes a lot of cash, he must get ten thousand dollars and fast. Los Angeles, the city of angels, is full of vampires and organized gangs that drink the blood of the residents who, for some reason, are unaware of the huge threat in front of their home. The situation worsens when a Mexican vampire arrives and decides to be crueller than those before her.

For fangs you get money at the local hunter’s market, the more powerful the vampire the amount increases. There is even a guild of hunters and in order not to be expelled from it, our friend must initiate a new apprentice, which complicates matters.

It is difficult to name an unforgettable scene or sections in the film, or exciting moments that will be engraved in the memory. Despite this, he passes the time pleasantly and those who like the vampire genre will definitely find something to enjoy.

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