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  • Lotan Diker

Movie Review, Delicious, Director: Eric Benard, 2022

The French are the ones who invented modern cooking. It all started in 1789 in Paris, Manceron, a cook of the nobles in France, went on a journey with the aim of pleasing the upper classes with fine food. This happened after he was fired from the kitchen due to an unfair criticism of one of the nobles. Together with his son, he establishes the first restaurant in the world in the inn, the purpose of which is to serve gourmet food to all strata of the population.

The film, contrary to many of the trends of contemporary French cinema, is very mainstream. The film is very easy to digest, paced, wonderfully photographed and also very romantic. There are not too many dead parts and the relationships are not very complex. There is even an attempt to charm the audience, to please them.

There is also criticism of the development of the kitchen, of the fact that we mainly look at the appearance and not the essence. About wasting food and even excluding women from the kitchen. How the relationship between Mahins has changed in the last two hundred years in the kitchen and outside.

Every foodie lover must come to the movie, it is wonderfully photographed, and you can almost smell the dishes through the screen. It shows the process of preparing the dish and even the forced role of the chef and his team of cooks. It's unpaid, but it certainly makes you want to continue watching quality cinema from Europe that isn't just about superheroes or casual action.

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