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Movie Review: Judy: Beyond the Rainbow, Director: Rupert Gould, 2019

Updated: Sep 23, 2021

The movie "Judy: Beyond the Rainbow" brings the last period in Judy Garland's short life. Judy was already off, Addicted to pills and alcohol, having four husbands and three children from 2 different husbands. She decides as the swan song to go on a tour in London, after which she got rid of an overdose after about six months and is only 47 years old. Renee Zellweger has won many awards for the film, including the Academy Award. For the film, they were looking for an actress who also knows how to sing, and although Sarna did not resemble Judy Garland at all, they chose her because of her singing talent and she also underwent sound development for the purpose of the film. The makeup completely changed actress Renee Zellweger. Match her short black hair and special makeup with a bright red blush. She also sang Garland's songs in the film. True, she does not have such an amazing voice, but this can be attributed to the worn-out, alcoholic and drug-addicted singer, whose voice has also changed and was not as it used to be. The film is built with flashbacks to Garland, when she was only 16 when she starred in "The Wizard of Oz." In her youth, Garland is played by a young actress (Dercy Shaw) who was chosen because of her resemblance to the heroine of the film. Even then the film studios controlled her, what she ate, how she dressed, gave her medicine and more. She tried to rebel, but was unsuccessful. Renee Zellweger went into the character of Garland perfectly. She seems really suffering and tortured when she feels fading. Even in this difficult time, she still has a sense of humor and sparks of charisma. Thus, when the assistant given to her on the tour, Rosaleen (Jesse Buckley) asks her to make a surprise in the shape of a cake, Garland asks her to slice it, because recently, every time she sliced ​​a cake, she suddenly found herself married .. she meant her surprising marriage to Mickey Deans , Who was many years younger than her, and promised her various promises, which in the end did not materialize and did not materialize. The last performance takes place after she could not perform and was replaced by singer Lonnie Donigan. She still decides to go up and sing, but in the song "Somewhere Beyond the Rainbow" she breaks down, but the whole audience stands up and sings in her place. She asks to be assured that she will not be forgotten. The actors: Judy Garland - Renee Zellweger - Born April 25, 1969, starred in The Diary of Bridget Jones, Jerry Maguire, Cold Mountain and more. Won many awards including the Oscars. Mickey Dines - Finn Weintrack - was born on October 28, 1984, starred in the series Rached, and in the movies - Unbroken, The Money Machine and more. Rosaleen Wilder - Jesse Buckley - was born on December 28, 1989, played in Chernobyl, I'm thinking of finishing it and more. Young Judy Garland - Dercy Shaw - was born on April 17, 2002, starred in the movie The Brats and more. Lisa Minelli - Gemma Leah Davro - was born on August 9, 1990, played in the Tudor dynasty, her own rules and more.


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