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  • Lotan Diker

Movie Review: The Comeback Redeem Team, Director: John Weinbach, 2022

There is no doubt that the Americans are the nation of basketball and the country with the largest amount of basketball players on the planet. However, over the years many countries have managed to challenge their success. There are many reasons for the fact that, for several years, the gold medal was stolen from them. Mainly underestimating the opposition and choosing unsuitable players.

Every time the Americans screw up, they lose ratings and the respect that the NBA gets all over the world. Therefore, the gold medal is of utmost importance for the team. In 1992, the Citrus Team led by Jordan and Byrd stunned the world in Barcelona and now LeBron James and Kobe Bryant are trying to do it again.

"The Comeback of the Dream Team" is a documentary that tries to give perspective and an intimate look at the journey of LeBron and Kobe's team on the way to China 2008. Through in-depth interviews, archive footage and a lot of basketball moves, we get a broad behind-the-scenes snapshot of the Dream Team.

This is an investment product, which excels in editing and photography. The interviewees are also interesting and authentic enough for us to care about what they say. NBA fans will enjoy the nostalgia sections, even those who are not die-hard basketball fans will be able to love the intense plot full of pathos.

Despite the obvious advantages, there are also glaring problems with the film. Kobe Bryant is presented as the nation's hero, especially after his tragic death. However, a big asterisk hangs over his participation in the Olympics, in light of the affair he was involved in. It is unfortunate to see that the editing creates a kind of service broadcast for the United States national team, but despite the lack of criticism, naivety and uncompromising love, one can certainly enjoy an hour and a half of a very polished product.

If we ignore the inherent problems, we can encourage the millennial version of the Dream Team. She has an interesting story to tell, it could have been juicier and much more critical, but the product is enjoyable enough for us to sit back and enjoy a particularly fun armchair sport.


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