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  • Lotan Diker

Series Review: Physical, Created by Annie Weisman, 2022

As part of the wave of female series, Physical is making a strong mark. Rose Byrne is supposed to be part of a fresh and fun series, about a very smart and assertive woman, but somewhere along the way it goes wrong. She plays a woman who depends on her husband and rarely leaves the house, she hates everyone and especially herself.

After endless frustrations, she takes herself in her hands and decides to change her life. She falls in love with fitness and aerobics training, with 80's haircuts. Despite the hallmark, the series mainly deals obsessively with her life and less with the aerobics phenomenon. Instead of dealing with eating disorders and female body image, she deals with simplifying the life of a frustrated woman.

Thanks to Byrne's excellent acting, she manages to be tolerable but not much beyond that. The plot is messy and has no deep messages except those we have seen dozens if not hundreds of times in the past. It's full of clichés, it doesn't have enough empathy for the characters, which prevents us from really connecting.

Despite this, she manages to touch the root of the problem of self-hatred and the messages that society tries to plant in us. It lasts ten episodes and it definitely exhausts the experience. It's not amazing but it's reasonable if there's nothing better to do.


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