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  • Lotan Diker

Movie Review: The Good Nurse, Director: Tobias Lindholm, 2022

The life of a nurse is not easy, long shifts, inability to take care of the family and shows that are not always pleasant. This is the reality of life for Amy Lauren (Jessica Chastain), a woman who tries to do good to those who come to intensive care. She has a difficult personal life, you can understand her when she begs for someone to help her.

The movie "The Good Nurse" is based on a true story, which is very popular right now, help is coming. Charlie Cullen (Eddie Redmayne) is a troubled man, one might say strange, but he doesn't seem harmless. However, he comes with an asterisk because many patients die on his shift.

Charlie and Amy develop a brave and honest friendship, but the bodies pile up and Amy suspects that Charlie is not as innocent as he seems.

The movie "The Good Nurse" deals with the relationship between the two colleagues and the investigation that follows the mysterious murders. They look like professional errors of insulin injection, but they accumulate and become a harmful pathology.

The problem with the movie "The Good Nurse", that it is based on the true crime genre, that the outcome and the case are already known. The film does not recreate and follows the events that did happen and does not deviate from them by much.

Those who listen to the recommendation and do not read details about the movie "The Good Nurse" on Netflix first, will find that it is exciting and powerful. It has an excellent game and does not let up the tension throughout. The tension builds throughout the film and never seems stuck or ridiculous. It deals with the ethical question between co-workers, to what extent it is possible to report the actions of a co-worker.

The movie "The Good Nurse" is one of Netflix's most successful movies lately, one that is really justified in being in the top ten. He manages to combine exciting drama, nerve-wracking tension and some necessary horror to intensify the events.

It's amazing that a person like Charlie operated for 15 years and only one good nurse, like Amy, stood between him and dozens of helpless patients.


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