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  • Lotan Diker

Series review: The Devil in Ohio, creator: Daria Poltin, 2022

Despite the threatening name, the new Netflix series "The Devil in Ohio" is not particularly scary. The plot follows a young girl (Madeline Arthur), who escaped a threatening and satanic plague, which is in a remote area of ​​Ohio. Fate played her hand and she managed to escape from the satanic worshippers. Doctor Suzanne Mathis (Emily Deschanel) who takes pity on the young woman, decided to adopt her, after no family is interested in taking her in.

From here the plot in the series "The Devil from Ohio" begins to disperse into sub-plots, some of which are not related to the main plot at all. The series "The Devil from Ohio" gives too much attention to the secondary characters, which impairs the enjoyment and understanding of the situation. Of all the characters, Detective Peter (Sam Yeager) is the most relevant, trying to investigate and stop the deadly cult. Although the writing is clichéd and terrible, the series "The Devil from Ohio" still manages to provide some exciting and interesting moments.

The series "The Devil from Ohio" is full of mysteries. She manages to spread enough fog and plant in the viewers' hearts question marks about the main characters. It is not brutal at all, so those who shy away from graphic violence can watch it with a quiet heart.

The main point that the series "The Devil from Ohio" wants to convey is the feeling of horror and fear that should be planted in the hearts of the viewers and thus it fails. It is a disappointment alongside the expectations it raised.

It's a shame that the series "The Devil from Ohio" is unbalanced. Along with very effective moments, it suffers from too many subplots and dead moments. More focused writing and adding meat and jumpy moments would have upgraded it. But, the final result is quite milky, and fails to excel, like a lot of content that is on the fringes of the library of the streaming giant Netflix.


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