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Series Review: FBI: The Most Wanted, Season 3, Creator: Rene Belcher, 2020 - 2021

The "FBI: Most Wanted" series is a subsidiary of the longtime FBI series. A very fascinating series, focusing on creating profiles of the most difficult and wanted criminals. The series includes 3 seasons to date and may be added later. The unit is very small but elite. It is headed by Special Agent Jess Lacroix (Julian McMahon), an expert and highly experienced profiler. He previously served in the FBI and previously served as unit commander.

An active participant is his daughter - Natalia (Tali) Lacroix (Ya Ye Goslin), a somewhat rebellious teenage girl. It usually appears at the beginning or end of an episode. He tries to give her a lot of attention, but fails. The one who tries to help Jess, especially in the third season, is his friend Sarah Allen (Jennifer Landon), who supports Tali, who opposes it despite Sarah's great devotion and love. Jess's deputy is Cheryl Barnes (Roxy Sternberg), who is married to a pregnant woman and already has one child. She is very brave and intelligent and dedicated to her role. She has knowledge and a degree in behavioral psychology.

A new and very active joiner in the third season is the talented Christine Gaines (Alexa Dwalus). She is divorced with two children and on good terms with her ex-husband. A talent who knows how to diagnose criminals. To date, the series has 38 episodes. Most of them include one story, where the chapter begins and ends with a decipherment. The series is suspenseful with moments of humor. Apart from the criminals, we also discover private moments of the agents, their personal problems, their lives, their families, the background from which they came and more.

The connection between the FBI series and its daughter series is very close. Many actors appear in guest appearances, such as: Isobel Castil (Elena de la Graza), Maggie Bell (Missy Peregrine), Omar Edom Zidane (Zico Zaki) and more. A fascinating, clever, suspenseful series with a sense of humor that eases the harsh sights that are sometimes revealed to us.


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