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  • Lotan Diker

Series review: From Scratch, creators: Atika Luke, Tambi Luke, 2022

There are series that manage to touch all the right emotional veins and can make us cry. There aren't many of those, but when the formula works, it definitely does the job.

The new Netflix series "From Zero" is a potential volcano of emotions and tears. It can't be seen without a regular supply of tissue on hand.

Tamby Locke was an average American actress who appears in a lot of small and medium roles that no one really notices. But, she wrote a quite successful book, about her life in Italy and how she met a handsome Italian chef and they had to get along across cultural and gender gaps.

Following the book, a group of women formed a production group, purchased the rights, and they produced the series and this is the result, a sea of ​​emotion.

The plot of the series "From Zero" continues the falling in love of the photogenic and quite successful couple, Amy (Zoe Saldana) and Lino (Euginho Mastrandra). Although they are handsome and amazing, there are many crises that mixed couples have to deal with. The Italian mother is also missing, which caused tensions between the families and all kinds of other problems, which must come up for us to be excited.

The climax of the series "From Zero" comes at the end, but will not spoil the plot, which builds itself slowly and efficiently. The series has a lot of clichés and is melodramatic without a drop of originality, but when you manage to take the ingredients and make a delicious pasta out of them, it doesn't matter that we've already eaten the same thing in many, many restaurants.

Larger than life love stories will never tire, Romeo and Juliet has been working for decades and makes people cry on a Venice cruise. Netflix finally managed to create a guilty pleasure, which you can watch without feeling guilty.


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