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  • Lotan Diker

Series review: The other me, creators: Noran Avren Shit, 2022

Among the mountains of content on Netflix, it has a particularly fun series that has not yet been discovered by the mountains of viewers thirsty for new delightful content. The series is "The Other Me", which currently has one season. It lacks awareness, its whole purpose is to please the viewer without feelings of regret or moral dilemmas and brutal scenes, which do not give rest. Unlike other pleasures in life, its health cost is small to non-existent.

The Turks are known for their ability to create series from time to time, which can squeeze the pleasure glands of the viewer to the maximum possible. The series "The Other Me" is about a very professional surgeon (Tuba Biukoston), who is at the peak of her career. However, a new relationship with a crazy man is waiting for her around the corner, and she has to choose between career and love. If that's not enough, her best friend has fallen seriously ill and you have to help her recover. Another friend of hers, a fan of Instagram and cheap money, will join her on the journey of recovery and pleasure, but inside she hides a terrible secret.

These ingredients are exactly the ingredients for a fun series, devoid of self-importance and pretensions. It is not one that you will remember years from now, but there is no doubt that it will provide you with your daily dose of pleasure.

The series "The Other Me" is full of amazing landscapes, heartbreaking, but not too traumatic moments of drama, beautiful people and dramatic dilemmas, which will keep you captivated long enough for the screen.

Along with awkward and clichéd moments is great fun. You can forgive the "The Other Me" series for its faults, but definitely enjoy and love its advantages.

Along with many series that deal with heavy and depressing topics, it is good that there are also series that you can simply watch and enjoy.


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