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Series Review: Virgin River, Season 3, 2021

The series "Virgin River" returned to us in an excellent third season. After we were left in suspense in the second season which ended with the serious injury of Jack (Martin Henderson) and his finding by Mel lying on the kitchen floor bleeding and the serious question was: "Who shot Jack?"

The series is about Mel (Alexandra Breckenridge), a midwife and general nurse, who was traumatized after her husband Mark (Daniel Gillis) was killed in a car accident and she loses her daughter in a silent birth. She decides to travel far away to a quiet and romantic place, which will allow her to heal and forget. She arrives in Virgin River, and after difficulties she works for Doc, who at first does not accept her until he gets used to it, his charming wife Hope and Jack, who becomes a lover. She stays put and gets used to people and they get used to her. Not everything is going smoothly and there are many developments and adventures.

At the beginning of the third season we see the injured Jack in the hospital with his memory of the event completely erased. He recovers and continues the relationship and relationship with Mel Monroe (Alexandra Brackenridge). The season has many interesting developments, new actresses and an ending that leaves us even more curious than the previous seasons.

Jack who loves Mel continues the warm relationship with her. But, this hot nest has problems. Charmaine (Lauren Hamersley), who is carrying Jack's twins, meets a new partner, Todd (Peter Sabongwe), who is rich, but wants to do as he wishes, which is to keep the twins and the family away from Jack and create their own family without the children's biological father. Jack hires a lawyer to fight for him.

Mel asks to give birth to her own child as compensation for the baby she lost in the past. Jack is not ready to commit, especially due to the financial burden on him of paying the lawyer as well as the mental burden - the struggle to return custody of his children to himself. They are many and separate. Mel travels to Los Angeles to her sister Joey (Jenny Cooper) who is about to divorce in order to cheer her up. They talk and Mel tells her that she and Jack broke up and she longs for a child. Joey recommends that she go to the doctor who treated her and her previous husband Mark in the past and who still has 2 aborted fetuses. She does turn to him and is treated, and in the test she receives a positive answer about pregnancy.

Back, Jack, who regretted the breakup, is waiting for her near her house and they reconcile. She is tired and rested, and is acting unusual and ends up telling him about her pregnancy and that she doesn't know exactly who the father is - the late Mark or Jack. Doc (Tim Matheson) and Hope (Annette O'Toole) are currently in a long distance relationship as she is staying with her elderly aunt helping her. Doc tells her about his illness, starts getting treatment, which seems to be helping.

Meanwhile, Hope's best friend, Lily (Linda Boyd), is diagnosed with terminal stage 4 pancreatic cancer and decides not to treat herself so as not to burden anyone. She tells Mel and asks to be guardian of her baby Chloe. In the end she tells all her friends and they promise to look after the children when she is gone. During Doc's visit to her home, she goes to rest and her home Tara (Stacey Farber) finds her dead.

Doc did not tell Hope about Lily's illness and when she dies unexpectedly he informs her about the funeral. Hope takes a plane and a rented car, and on the way back she gets into a serious car accident and gets hurt in the head. Doc sits by her bed all the time. At the end of the season, a guy shows up at the hotel instead and asks where Doc is and identifies himself as his grandson...

John Middleton, or Pritcher (Colin Lawrence), Jack's right-hand man, who helps Paige with her son Christopher (Chase Petrio), takes great care of the child along with Connie (Nicola Cavendish). But, at the end of the season, Paige's girlfriend seduces him with the excuse of meeting Paige, drugs him and leaves him in the thick of the forest...

Ricky (Grayson Maxwell Guernsey) continues his affair with Lizzie (Sarah Dugdale). But, when his former girlfriend returns and their romance falters a bit, he decides to fulfill an old dream of his - to enlist in the army and the navy and is finally accepted.

Bree (Tibi Allen), Jack's sister comes to town. She was a traumatized successful lawyer, and here she meets Dan Brady (Benjamin Hollingsworth) and they fall in love. Brady tells her about his troubled past and that he has changed. He was seen in Jack's kitchen before he was shot and since Jack doesn't remember anything else, it is assumed that Brady did the shooting. He keeps claiming that he was there but didn't shoot. At the end of the season, the police come to search him, and at the same time, Berry is also there, and the gun that Jack was shot with is discovered in his car. He keeps claiming that he didn't shoot.

The fourth season is already planned and it should be very interesting, because the third episode leaves us with many questions and doubts: Who shot Jack? Whose child is in Mel's womb, Jack's mother or her ex-husband Mark? Will Ricky join the army? What will happen to Hope? Who is Doc's grandson? What will be the fate of Pritcher, Christopher and Connie? Will Paige return? What will happen with Brady and Berry?


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