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Series Review: Virgin River, Season 4, Director: Andy Mikita, 2022

The beloved, interesting and exciting series returns for a fourth season. At the end of the third season we were left with many questions, such as: who shot Jack (Martin Henderson), who as mentioned lost his memory after the event and there are all kinds of opinions about the shooter. Indeed, in the current season his memory returned to him and the identity of the shooter is revealed and it is in no way Dan Brady (Benjamin Hollingsworth). We will let you watch the fourth season without spoilers.

Mel (Alexandra Breckenridge) is also still not sure who the father of the baby in her womb is. She underwent an embryo transfer from her previous husband Mark (Daniel Gillis), but also returned to Jack. After some deliberation, they decide to genetically test who will be the father, and the test reveals that the father is Jack and the gender of the newborn will be a girl.

At the clinic, Dr. Mullins (Tim Matheson) hires a new, handsome and promising doctor named Cameron Hayek (Mark Ganima), who secretly falls in love with Mel, but accidentally hears that she is pregnant and decides to leave...

Dr. Mullins unexpectedly receives a new visitor, his grandson, who he did not know existed, and who is now about 20 years old. Lizzie (Sarah Dugdale) likes him and they actually meet several times, despite her suspicions that he is hiding something. He does not agree to a closer relationship, and in the end Confess that he has Huntington's disease.

Pritcher (Colin Lawrence) also meets Julia (Lucia Walters) in a martial arts class and they begin to meet, until suddenly Paige (Lexa Doig) returns to his life and her son Christopher (Chase Patio), and with them more problems...

Dan Brady and Jack's lawyer sister Bree (Zibby Allen) fall in love and she helps him with his legal affairs. They discover that Dan Brady was acquitted, but their problems are not resolved either. Dr. Mullins tries to take care of his wife Hope (Annette O'Toole), who still hasn't recovered from her last accident. She is not disciplined, but in the end, she agrees that someone will come to help her and she chooses Lizzie.

Charmaine (Lauren Hammersley), who is carrying twins in her womb and it turns out that they are 2 boys, also suffers from the neglect of her new husband and Jack helps her prepare the birth party. At the end, when she is not feeling well and calls Jack and Mel for her help, she thinks that her behavior caused the punishments she received and blurts out that the boys are not Jack's, even though she claimed so all along.

There are other interesting events, but since there are a lot of twists and surprises, we recommend watching the order and having fun. It was reported that the fifth season is already on its way and we are looking forward to it.


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