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Series Review: The Terminal List, Director: Antoine Fuqua, 2022

Amazon Prime is forcibly trying to enter the hot streaming market; this is another opportunity for a foothold.

This time they recruited Chris Pratt, one of the busiest actors in Hollywood. He plays James Reese, a commander in the United States Army who and his soldiers fall victim to a secret experiment whose results are devastating. After his entire family is murdered, he decides to take revenge and eliminate those responsible for the default.

The Terminal list works well. That means when she does not waste time, in endless dialogues or dull flashbacks. It has it all, great action, reasonable gameplay, and not bad twists at all. But nine hours is a time when you'll be exhausted from Reese's revenge journey and want revenge on the TV screen instead.

Reese the main protagonist, is a complex character. A family man, an excellent warrior and on the other hand ruthless towards his enemies. He suffers from severe trauma, anxiety attacks and tantrums. On the one hand he is John Rambo, eliminating entire companies and immediately afterwards he gets a flashback to a ball game with his daughter. It could have been more interesting if they had shown how the traumas have affected his family life and not given him the Father of the Year award, but Pratt manages to embody the character with the seriousness he deserves.

The problem with an elimination list is that it spreads in too many directions. She is toying with the idea that Reese is suffering from medical problems and hallucinating the story, there are too many enemies and a complicated conspiracy that you will lose direction after several dialogues.


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