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  • Lotan Diker

Film Review: The Crooked Lines of God, Creator: Oraol Paolo, 2022

Psychiatric hospitals are often at the center of many suspense plots, especially those dealing with corruption and corrupt managers.

In the movie "The Crooked Lines of God" we see a woman, who is a private detective named Alice (Barbara Lenny), who infiltrates a department for the mentally challenged after receiving a tip about an unsolved murder of a patient.

From here we watch how begins a tract of patient abuse, corrupt management and a kind of arch villain named Samuel Alvar (Edward Fernandez), who wants to bury the investigation. This is a Spanish speaking film that tries to follow the clear rules of the genre. There are no elements of horror here, or a desire to make the people there too strange or some kind of threatening monsters. This is a fairly realistic view of the conditions that prevailed a few decades ago.

The movie "The Crooked Lines of God" doesn't have too many surprising tweets, or larger-than-life characters, but it's definitely a reasonable movie that will pass your time. It used to be called an afternoon TV movie, and The Crooked Lines of God certainly lives up to the inclusion.

The Crooked Lines of God is passable, but nothing great. The actors are good, but not great. There are no great falls in it, nor impressive victories.

The movie "The Crooked Lines of God" is a little too long, 155 minutes, but they are tolerable. The end is very predictable and the journey to it is quick, but will not leave a mark. It fits most of the mediocre Netflix series and movies, it's not a flop, but not a great success either.


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